Retail Therapy

You GLO girl! Whiten your teeth at home with this quick and convenient kit. 

Support your oral health and NY artists! Hamico toothbrushes use a unique combination of bristles to deeply clean and look good doing it with its slim design and colorful patterns.

Floss it, but make it fun. Cocofloss is gentle yet effective at cleaning the hard to reach crevices between your teeth with tropical flavors that are sure to make you smile. 

Don’t be so sensitive! Increase your comfort after teeth whitening or after experiencing toothbrush abrasion, root exposure, temperature and chemical changes.

Strengthen your teeth and protect them against cavities quickly at home with MI Paste! MI Paste contains RECALDENT™, a milk-derived protein that helps your teeth get the full benefit from fluoride. 

Easy, simple, whitening to-go!