Regenerative Endodontics

A new wave in dental care!

What is Regenerative endodontics?

Regenerative endodontics uses the concept of tissue engineering to restore the root canals to a healthy state, allowing for continued development of the root and surrounding tissue. Using our knowledge of pulp biology, dental trauma, and tissue engineering, we can provide regenerative endodontic treatment of necrotic immature permanent teeth, resulting in continued root development, increased thickness in the dentinal walls and apical closure. These developments in the regeneration have a promising impact on efforts to retain the natural dentition, the ultimate goal of endodontic treatment.

To replace live tissues, either the existing cells of the body are stimulated to regrow the tissue, or bioactive substances such as stem cell therapy, growth factors, morphogens, or tissue scaffolds, are inserted into the pulp chamber.

What to Expect

The canal is disinfected with copious irrigation and a combination of antibiotics. The apex is then mechanically irritated to initiate bleeding to produce a blood clot and a deep restoration is placed. The combination of a disinfected canal, a matrix into which new tissue could grow, and an effective coronal seal appears to have produced the environment necessary for successful revascularization and resulting healing.

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Curious about learning more? Contact us today!

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