Hamico Toothbrushes

Gorgeous Design & Attention to Detail!


HAMICO toothbrushes are carefully crafted with the intended purpose of revolutionizing the way we prevent tooth and gum decay. Super pointy and round tip bristles are designed for deep and surface cleaning while the textured surface of the twisted bristles scours away plaque.


Dentist-Designed Ergonomic Toothbrush

1. Round & Super-Pointy: HAMICO uses a unique combination of 2 different types of bristles. One is long, super skinny and pointed at the tip. The other one is shorter with a rounded tip.  This results in simultaneously cleaning the crevices between the teeth and between the teeth and gums while also effectively cleaning the surface of each tooth.

2. Twisted & Textured: Each individual bristle is twisted creating an irregular surface. This unique approach allows the bristles to clean and massage the sensitive parts of your gum and teeth.

3. Thin & Compact: The head of the brush (where the bristle attached) is thin and compact.  This allows the brush to reach deeper inside your mouth and allowing it to move more freely for more effective cleaning.