Take Control of Your Smile Journey!


The VPro+  is new technology we have come across that can help expedite your Invisalign treatment and help with retention after your treatment is completed.

It is the first and only vibration device to support both ACTIVE treatment and RETENTION at 5 minutes a day. VPro+ is the only HIGH FREQUENCY VIBRATION (HFV) device clinically proven to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement. VPro+ is designed to make treatment more comfortable while delivering results ahead of schedule. 

With  just 5 minutes a day, VPro+ will improve your outcome by:

  • Accelerating Tooth Movement 
  • Reducing treatment time by up to 64% 
  • Reducing Discomfort 
  • Improving Predictability 
  • Optimizing Aligner Seating 
    • Improving fit of the aligners 
    • Improving  tracking of aligners
  • Assistance in Retainer Wear