Enamel Guard

The floss that has it all!



Getting dentist recommended clean is easier than ever. Just add the foam to your aligners or retainers, & pop them back in, and go on with your day—no brushing, rinsing or soaking necessary.

AlignerFresh Enamel Guard gives you all the same great benefits as AlignerFresh Original Clean plus extra protection for your delicate tooth enamel and gums.

How AlignerFresh Saves The Day

  • It’s a wearable aligner cleaner, which means cleaning your aligners won’t take away from time spent wearing them.
  • It kills 99.999% of bacteria within 60 seconds, leaving you with fresh breath as well as healthy teeth and gums. 
  • The formula gently whitens teeth and attachments (even under attachments), so you can reveal a brighter smile when you finish treatment.
  • Use AlignerFresh anytime you want to freshen up, at home or on the go. No rinsing, brushing or soaking necessary.