Dr. Nina Kumar


Practice Owner & Dentist

Comprehensive Dental Care

We are excited to announce that we will be taking our practice to the New York Smile Institute. Dr. Kumar has the opportunity to work along side her mentor, Dr. Dean Vafiadis, along with other talented & extraordinary dentists! We will have access to the newest technologies & techniques, the ability to implement novel ideas, and overall elevation of the care we provide you! Of course, our priority will and has always been to be a true advocate for your oral health! 

 Dr. Kumar received her education from the New York College of Dentistry and obtained her training at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, which involved a full year of intensive training. This allowed her to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable clinician with experience in all dental specialties.

After working in a different array of practices and clinics in the earlier years of her career, Dr. Kumar found has found her home in her own practice.  Taking the best qualities of each, she continues to learn and build on these experiences. Shaping her patients experiences with trust and comfort is imperative to Dr. Kumar. She aspires daily to provide her patients with the best patient care experience and to help them achieve their oral health care goals.

Building on the values Dr. Kumar learned at a young age, developing a team atmosphere is central to her practice ideals. Hard work has always been a given and necessary quality for Dr. Kumar. She played tennis from age 5 all the way through college, obtaining a full scholarship at Temple University in Philadelphia. As a collegiate athlete, the importance of a team become even more apparent. She came to understand the importance of each team member working together to obtain a greater objective. Here at Nina Kumar, DDS, her goal is to create this feeling for her staff and allow that positivity to trickle through every aspect of her practice.