COVID-19 Guidelines


Looking at our New Normal

We  are implementing some changes in our daily work flow to assure a safe and clean environment for our patients and team. Our objective is to minimize everyone’s risk and optimize everyone’s oral health . We want to be part of the solution. In rethinking our new normal, we are taking this opportunity to make improvements with the hope that these changes will translate to efficiency. Please see a list of some of these changes below: 

    • SCHEDULING: We will encourage online booking and/or scheduling over the phone.  
    • PAYMENTS: We will take payments in treatment rooms.  We have also incorporated Zelle as a method of payment through the email
    • WEBFORMS : We will utilize our WebForms and recommend that all of our patients- new & old- take the time now to sort through this prior to coming to the office.  Reviewing these questions & updating your personal information in advance can minimize time in the waiting area. 
    • ZOOM COMMUNICATIONS: Treatment plans and payments plans will be discussed over the phone or via Zoom. Consults with Dr. Kumar can be scheduled as well via Zoom. . 
    • PRE-APPOINTMENT SCREENING: With the American Dental Associations guidance, we will provide all patients with a screening form to review before their scheduled appointment. We will assure that patients have been asymptomatic for at least 3 days prior to  appointments.  We will also ask anyone- patients &/or team members –  to stay home if they display any signs of respiratory illness such as coughing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or loss of taste/smell. 
    • MASKS ON: We ask that all patients arrive with their mask on.  We too, will have our masks on. We also will have hand sanitizer as you enter the door. 
    • PATIENT & TEAM DAILY SCREENINGS: We will take temperature for all patients and team members coming into the office. On arrival, we will  confirm the Pre-Appointment Screening Checklist. 
    • LONGER APPOINTMENT TIMES: This will minimize patient’s time in the waiting area, reduce the number of people in the office at a particular time, and provide additional time for disinfection of the treatment rooms. 
    • PRETREATMENT RINSE: containing Hydrogen Peroxide to reduce bacterial & viral load in the mouth for 30 seconds prior to start of treatment 
    • AEROSOL REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY: We will be using continuous suction with DryShield for our  procedures whenever possible. Dryshield is a modern isolation and mouthpiece system that provides continuous suction to help control and reduce aerosols, also providing isolation, retraction, and keeping the working environment clean. We are also using HEPA filters in all treatment rooms. In addition, we are electrolyzed water with a high pressure disinfectant sprayer. 
    • PPE: Universal Barrier Precautions & Personal Protective Equipment has always and will continue to be held to the highest standard. In addition to our already high standards, we will be using special facial shields, masks, and gowns to further protect our patients and team. 

This is an adaptive process for all of us. Please know that as we seek a better normal, we understand that these circumstances are introducing new challenges that we may not foresee.  As time goes on, we will continue to seek improvements to enhance the patient experience and overall safety.