White Spot Treatment

ICON: The microinvasive, effective and esthetic solution for enamel white spots

Icon represents a revolutionary new approach to treating white spot lesions. This breakthrough micro-invasive technology fills and reinforces demineralized enamel without drilling or anesthesia. White spot lesions are a result of an imbalance of mineralization and remineralization on the teeth. White spot lesions are early signs of demineralization under an apparently intact enamel surface layer. These early enamel lesions show a whitish appearance as a result of an increased porosity within the lesion due to mineral loss.

Some advantages of Icon:

  • Effective treatment of smooth surface white spots
  • Minimally invasive: no drilling or anesthesia
  • Icon is less expensive than alternative treatments, including porcelain veneers.
  • Restores tooth back to its natural shade with no unnecessary loss of healthy tooth structure
  • One quick and simple patient visit