Endodontic Treatments in New York

Endodontic treatments are intended to save teeth, helping you to maintain your natural smile. These treatments get to the root of the problem and prevent further damage from happening. We look deep inside the tooth, making sure the dental pulp is healthy and looking for the presence of hidden canals or infection. In addition to the pulp, endodontics also involves caring for the tissues surrounding the roots of a tooth in the interest of preserving it. 

At Nina Kumar DDS, Dr. Joshua Yanover, an Endodontic Resident at NYU Lutheran Medical Center will be providing specialized care such as root canals, retreatments, andregenerative procedures. If possible, we always want to try and save your natural teeth because nothing quite functions or looks like your natural tooth!

Endodontic treatments offered at Nina Kumar DDS include:

Root Canals


Regenerative Endodontics