NYU Lutheran Medical Center

We have entrusted Dr. Joshua Yanover to take care of you & your family’s endodontic needs. With Dr. Yanover, we are able to expand the scope of our practice. Root canals, retreatments, and regenerative endodontics procedures are now accessible to our patients. Highly skilled and sharing similar philosophies regarding patient care, we find him to be a perfect fit for our practice. Dr. Yanover grew up in Florida inspired by his father’s dedication and passion as a general dentist. He went on to receive his education from the University of Florida College of Dentistry. Upon graduation, Dr. Yanover moved to New York to advance his clinical skills in a full year intensive training program as a general dentist at NYU Langone Lutheran Medical Center (NYULMC). It was during this time that he found his love for Endodontics – the precision of the procedures and his ability to make them as painless as possible for his patients. He understands that root canals are a daunting procedure for patients. Dr. Yanover is an accommodating practitioner who takes the time to ensure that every patient is comfortable. Dr. Yanover is thrilled to be working with Dr. Kumar & her team in providing all their patients with professional and comprehensive treatment in a relaxed and soothing environment. We are excited to have him join us on Fridays in our new office at 35 East 35th Street.